As a premium user, one thing that bothered me is that there currently is no option to download a playlist containing all channels.
There is an option to download your favorite channels, but I just wanted all channels especially when every once in a while a new channel pops up.
And I did not want to manage my favorites all the time just to have an up to date playlist.

That is why, when I needed something to hone my symfony skills on, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and made a little script to generate all channel playlists for premium members.


So the playlist generator is born. all channels playlist


  • Generate premium playlist
  • Alphabetically sorted
  • .pls and m3u playlist formats

Planned Features

  • Add an option for non-premium users
  • Make playlists for other sites
  • Quality settings option
  • And more.

Note: This script requires your ‘ Listen Key’ when the premium option is selected, which you can find in the settings of your account

2 Responses to “ download all channels playlist”

  1. d0b Says:

    Hey sir i can’t access your page. is it gone for good? Will it ever come back?

  2. sandshark Says:


    I havent been using it myself for a while, it seems some things got broken when i got migrated to a new webserver.

    I updated the application and redeployed it, so it works again!


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