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Author: sandshark

I would like to announce my first “chillax” tip ever.

Especially for non-Belgian people who might of never heard of him.

I am ofcourse talking about Buscemi and hes latest album “in situ”, including couleurs and dipso calypso, is a very summery vibe in the middle of a currlenty very gray season.

Just close your eyes and imagine a sunny place and you’re halfway there… (sort of speak)

Enjoy, best served with a cocktail!

iPad & fosdem

Author: sandshark

“Interestingly, at the close of today’s trading day, Amazon’s stock was up marginally, and Apple’s was down – also marginally. ®” The register

What a dissapointment that is, basicly an oversized iPhone without the phone function.

On an other matter:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Very interesting topics, but i’m mainly going for DB speaks this time.

Perhaps i’ll see you there.

first post from my mobile

Author: sandshark

just testing this wp mobile plugin so I can possibly blog on the thing is for sure, mobile post will be short! (tiny keyboards ftl)