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first post from my mobile

Author: sandshark

just testing this wp mobile plugin so I can possibly blog on the thing is for sure, mobile post will be short! (tiny keyboards ftl)

24hr Zolder

Author: sandshark

Ahh a nice place to test the camera of my brand new HTC Touch Diamond 2

And these are the results, which i may say are better then i at first expected.



And some bikini carwash babes…

Bikini Carwash

A video of a Lambo team pitstop.

HTC Touch Pro 2 en|nl Folowup

Author: sandshark

I recently was re-assured by someone in the bussiness there is no such phone available unfortunatly, and he also promised me to try and fix something with the importer for HTC in Belgium so perhaps we can switch the ROM’s containing the adjusted windows mobile version (Touch Flow) of HTC.


HTC Touch Pro 2 azerty en|nl

Author: sandshark


Well I am planning on buying one.

It seemed to me to be one of the most complete smartphones currently on the market.

Nice keyboard, GPS, 3G, Wifi, bluetooth everything i am looking for connectivity wise.

The screen is also bigger then the old touch pro, but the main thing people see as a con on the phone is the weight and perhaps the battery lifetime.

So im doing some research on the touch pro 2 azerty nl|en.

And gues what, HTC still ships all their azerty phones in French only,

I really don’t want my phone in French, so I am thinking about buying it in qwerty and ill just have to think im playing an old school game or something.

(I sense some querty lovers just thinnking, pff you should just use qwerty anyways, but whatever)

The only semi-solution was changing the ROM containing windows mobile, but im not sure how much trouble that is.

I’ve sent a mail to HTC asking if a Touch Pro 2 azerty in Dutch or English was available, and if not if it ever would be, but no answer so far.

I’ll keep you posted.