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24hr Zolder

Author: sandshark

Ahh a nice place to test the camera of my brand new HTC Touch Diamond 2

And these are the results, which i may say are better then i at first expected.



And some bikini carwash babes…

Bikini Carwash

A video of a Lambo team pitstop.

Flying Rat vs My car…

Author: sandshark

Is it possibly the heat?

Perhaps it was old, or slow…

Yeah you got it, a damn pidgeon in the middle of the road. I did not see it coming right away, as i was in the middleof taking over a slowpoke and a truck.Suddenly I noticed the dumb bird, I then assessed the situation as I approached the peace of poultry at approximately 90km/h, i saw it taking of and thought that, as with any normal birds, they would be off before me beeing anywhere near.

Well, the next thing that happened was that i heard a *thumb* noise and shortly after the bird bouncing on my windshield and over my car, resulting in a cloud of feathers behind me.

I couldn’t avoid it by crossing to the oposite lane either (It’s a 3 lane road), that would have resulted in in a crash with an oncoming bus 🙁

impact crater

Unfortunately for me, the quite heavy pidgeon (bosduif) at 90ish km/h left a nasty dent the size of a dessert plate on my hood.

another angle of the dent

Hopefully it won’t cost arm+leg to get it fixed :s

edit: Today as i passed the location where it happened, i saw the pidgeon was now in 2D form in the middle of the road…

My car still drives, so i guess my car wins? (but I still loose… money)