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Wow i was very impressed by a recent commercial for deodorant.

It claimed “to be proven effective at the hottest temperature ever measured on earth”

Well the thing im impressed about is this:

Scientists Generate Highest Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth, 3.6 BillionĀ Degrees!

(full article)

Okay granted its fahrenheit, wich still is roughly 2 billion degrees Celsius.

But still you won’t break a sweat šŸ˜‰

Impressive don’t you think?

Flying Rat vs My carā€¦

Author: sandshark

Is it possibly the heat?

Perhaps it was old, or slow…

Yeah you got it, a damn pidgeon in the middle of the road. I did not see it coming right away, as i was in the middleof taking over a slowpoke and a truck.Suddenly I noticed the dumb bird, I then assessed the situation as I approached the peace of poultry at approximately 90km/h, i saw it taking of and thought that, as with any normal birds, they would be off before me beeing anywhere near.

Well, the next thing that happened was that i heard a *thumb* noise and shortly after the bird bouncing on my windshield and over my car, resulting in a cloud of feathers behind me.

I couldn’t avoid it by crossing to the oposite lane either (It’s a 3 lane road), that would have resulted in in a crash with an oncoming bus šŸ™

impact crater

Unfortunately for me, the quite heavy pidgeon (bosduif) at 90ish km/h left a nasty dent the size of a dessert plate on my hood.

another angle of the dent

Hopefully it won’t cost arm+leg to get it fixed :s

edit: Today as i passed the location where it happened, i saw the pidgeon was now in 2D form in the middle of the road…

My car still drives, so i guess my car wins? (but I still loose… money)

HTC Touch Pro 2 azerty en|nl

Author: sandshark


Well I am planning on buying one.

It seemed to me to be one of the most complete smartphones currently on the market.

Nice keyboard, GPS, 3G, Wifi, bluetooth everything i am looking for connectivity wise.

The screen is also bigger then the old touch pro, but the main thing people see as a con on the phone is the weight and perhaps the battery lifetime.

So im doing some research on the touch pro 2 azerty nl|en.

And gues what, HTC still ships all their azerty phones in French only,

I really don’t want my phone in French, so I am thinking about buying it in qwerty and ill just have to think im playing an old school game or something.

(I sense some querty lovers just thinnking, pff you should just use qwerty anyways, but whatever)

The only semi-solution was changing the ROM containing windows mobile, but im not sure how much trouble that is.

I’ve sent a mail to HTC asking if a Touch Pro 2 azerty in Dutch or English was available, and if not if it ever would be, but no answer so far.

I’ll keep you posted.