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Author: sandshark

I would like to announce my first “chillax” tip ever.

Especially for non-Belgian people who might of never heard of him.

I am ofcourse talking about Buscemi and hes latest album “in situ”, including couleurs and dipso calypso, is a very summery vibe in the middle of a currlenty very gray season.

Just close your eyes and imagine a sunny place and you’re halfway there… (sort of speak)

Enjoy, best served with a cocktail!

24hr Zolder

Author: sandshark

Ahh a nice place to test the camera of my brand new HTC Touch Diamond 2

And these are the results, which i may say are better then i at first expected.



And some bikini carwash babes…

Bikini Carwash

A video of a Lambo team pitstop.