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As a premium user, one thing that bothered me is that there currently is no option to download a playlist containing all channels.
There is an option to download your favorite channels, but I just wanted all channels especially when every once in a while a new channel pops up.
And I did not want to manage my favorites all the time just to have an up to date playlist.

That is why, when I needed something to hone my symfony skills on, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and made a little script to generate all channel playlists for premium members.


So the playlist generator is born. all channels playlist


  • Generate premium playlist
  • Alphabetically sorted
  • .pls and m3u playlist formats

Planned Features

  • Add an option for non-premium users
  • Make playlists for other sites
  • Quality settings option
  • And more.

Note: This script requires your ‘ Listen Key’ when the premium option is selected, which you can find in the settings of your account

I was having some fun with JS-Objects, and ended up with a random password generator!

check it in action here:

Cool html5 demo’s

Author: sandshark

Here are some cool html5 sites worth checking out if you havent allready,
best in google chrome, but most of m will work on firefox too.

ballpool experimenral

Polariods photo presentation

Darkroom html5 photoshop (light)?

Chain reaction Ooh to bad theres no highscores

Off to play some more chain reaction 🙂

iPad & fosdem

Author: sandshark

“Interestingly, at the close of today’s trading day, Amazon’s stock was up marginally, and Apple’s was down – also marginally. ®” The register

What a dissapointment that is, basicly an oversized iPhone without the phone function.

On an other matter:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Very interesting topics, but i’m mainly going for DB speaks this time.

Perhaps i’ll see you there.

Wow i was very impressed by a recent commercial for deodorant.

It claimed “to be proven effective at the hottest temperature ever measured on earth”

Well the thing im impressed about is this:

Scientists Generate Highest Temperature Ever Recorded on Earth, 3.6 Billion Degrees!

(full article)

Okay granted its fahrenheit, wich still is roughly 2 billion degrees Celsius.

But still you won’t break a sweat 😉

Impressive don’t you think?

Flying Rat vs My car…

Author: sandshark

Is it possibly the heat?

Perhaps it was old, or slow…

Yeah you got it, a damn pidgeon in the middle of the road. I did not see it coming right away, as i was in the middleof taking over a slowpoke and a truck.Suddenly I noticed the dumb bird, I then assessed the situation as I approached the peace of poultry at approximately 90km/h, i saw it taking of and thought that, as with any normal birds, they would be off before me beeing anywhere near.

Well, the next thing that happened was that i heard a *thumb* noise and shortly after the bird bouncing on my windshield and over my car, resulting in a cloud of feathers behind me.

I couldn’t avoid it by crossing to the oposite lane either (It’s a 3 lane road), that would have resulted in in a crash with an oncoming bus 🙁

impact crater

Unfortunately for me, the quite heavy pidgeon (bosduif) at 90ish km/h left a nasty dent the size of a dessert plate on my hood.

another angle of the dent

Hopefully it won’t cost arm+leg to get it fixed :s

edit: Today as i passed the location where it happened, i saw the pidgeon was now in 2D form in the middle of the road…

My car still drives, so i guess my car wins? (but I still loose… money)

The blog

Author: sandshark

So i decided to blog my little laughs and sods of my programming life.

I’m not promising to post alot, but i guess we’ll see where it goes 🙂

Perhaps a short synopsis of who I am is in place.

I am currently a 24 year old php developer who works developing enterprise applications.

I like to play computergames of all kinds.

But mostly strategy and shooters.

I like electronic music like trance, techno, electro,…

And then there’s movies and series.