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Shoutout to fred, who pointed out that was not available for playlists on

I told him I’d give it a shot when I had some time…


Well, it turned out to be a breeze.
Some more code and params were added, but in the image the meat of the new functionality.
I tried, but unfortunately, there were no 320kbps streams available for classical radio.

Enjoy the classical tunes and keep the feedback coming!

Quality setting added

Author: sandshark

By request a quality setting has been added to

320kbps mp3 quality is only available for difm, 128kbps and below work on the other sites as well!

Enjoy! updated

Author: sandshark

As you might have noticed, I updated last week, bringing the symfony version to 3 and using an out of the  box cache component for guzzle, which made the code a whole lot less complicated.

Unfortunately due to some changes  in streaming fees for audioaddict inc. they had to disable the free streaming option.
And since it wasn’t usefull to offer the free option anymore, I decided to remove it, and simplify that part of the code as well.

I hope you’ll still enjoy the good tunes, be it paying or on trial accounts!

Channels now tested

Author: sandshark

There sometimes seems to be some strange logic in the channel keys for
Hence I created a test to see if all the generated url’s are working.

The latest result, 330 channels in 10 minutes:

Screenshot from 2015-05-24 00:35:27


For the non technical people who might be trying to understand the code, status code 200 means OK 😉


RockRadio and JazzRadio have been added and tested in the same way, 464 channels checked in 14 minutes!
Also the interface has been updated to reflect the new options with ‘moar responsiveness’.

Screenshot from 2015-05-24 15:48:51

As a premium user, one thing that bothered me is that there currently is no option to download a playlist containing all channels.
There is an option to download your favorite channels, but I just wanted all channels especially when every once in a while a new channel pops up.
And I did not want to manage my favorites all the time just to have an up to date playlist.

That is why, when I needed something to hone my symfony skills on, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and made a little script to generate all channel playlists for premium members.


So the playlist generator is born. all channels playlist


  • Generate premium playlist
  • Alphabetically sorted
  • .pls and m3u playlist formats

Planned Features

  • Add an option for non-premium users
  • Make playlists for other sites
  • Quality settings option
  • And more.

Note: This script requires your ‘ Listen Key’ when the premium option is selected, which you can find in the settings of your account

EVE-Online on Ubuntu

Author: sandshark

This might not be news for people that belong to the small intersection of persons that are linux geeks and hardcore EVE fans,
but i guess this is more aimed at the gamers that are running ubuntu and switch to winhoze to check some market orders or change some skills.

Allright, pew pew!

Unfortunately no, I’m limiting my actions to changing skills, market, mail transporting stuff in highsec and the likes,
just because i don’t feel that in PVP combat running EVE-Online on linux will do you much good.
(In case someone has ubuntu+linux+pvp experiences please drop a line,
or perhaps I shall test on SISI later 😉 )
But for all relatively secure things you can do it is not a problem.

Installing Wine and EVE-Online

First and for all you will need to install wine, witch is easy enough to find in the ubuntu software center and should require no further configuration at all.

Once this is done you can download the, preferably offline version, of the EVE installer from the official website.
When the download is complete, go to the folder you saved the installer in and right click it,
now click op open with wine windows program loader to start installing, click trought the install and wait until it’s complete.

That was easy!

It was, wasn’t it, a real walk in the park, now lets start up the client and start gaming!

Oh wait, what is this, an empty EULA window to accept, and can’t scroll to the bottom of.
Damn it, our plans are foiled. But not to worry, this is caused because the font eve uses isn’t by default installed on ubuntu.

To install this font, install the arial font installer (trough wine) that you can download here.
Now launch the client again, and if all goes well you should now have text!

Accept the EULA and log in, you are set!

What about updates?

Every update seems to fail, fortunaly CCP has provided with a handy repair tool that launches automaticly.
Oh no! now that failes too!

Somehow by clicking back/cancel and retying  the repair tool it works, and the update can complete.

Thats all i have for now, and it is still running! (crosses fingers)

I recently found this video on youtube about using netbeans for PHP with xdebug.
Also kCacheGrind is extensively demonstrated in this video.
(They analyse a wordpress blog, aka what you are looking at)

The interesting part of course is to see what takes how many resources and or time in your functions.
I’m really considering going over all my home projects when they are done to see what can be improved.
Not only can you improve the execution time of your already existing code, this also shows witch methods or structures are better then others for certain situations.

To watch all parts in a playlist, click here.

Anonymous functions in PHP

Author: sandshark

I recently discovered that since PHP 5.3.0 there are anonymous functions, also called lambda functions available.
This is a very nice feature especially for registering a simple callback.

An example:

$func = function($value) {
 return $value * 2;

print_r(array_map($func, range(1, 5)));

More information in the PHP Documentation can be found here.

Also, im am trying to post more frequently, and soon reports of my trip to the states will come up here too.

iPad & fosdem

Author: sandshark

“Interestingly, at the close of today’s trading day, Amazon’s stock was up marginally, and Apple’s was down – also marginally. ®” The register

What a dissapointment that is, basicly an oversized iPhone without the phone function.

On an other matter:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Very interesting topics, but i’m mainly going for DB speaks this time.

Perhaps i’ll see you there.


Author: sandshark

Very usefull when choosing site colors. (Just playing with wordpress actually 😉 )